A scientific study of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg from 2017 quantifies the annual economic damage caused by domestic violence in Germnay to € 3.8 billion.

This inconceivable sum is a low estimate, because gender-based violence has multiplied since 2017. On the occasion of the presentation of the police crime statistics (PCS) on violence against women and intimate partner violence, Holger Münch, president of the Federal Criminal Police Office, named the deplorable state of affairs very clearly on November 10th , 2020: „It’s been a continuous trend since we’ve been doing this [note: collecting the data], since 2015 we’ve been seeing increasing numbers every year“.


  • a large percentage of submitted sick leaves are based on domestic violence
  • most injuries resulting from domestic violence require long-term therapy
  • 100% absenteeism of employees (e.g. due to relocation due to an acute dangerous situation) is increasing, resulting in massive follow-up costs for recruiting and onboarding,

German companies benefit from actively combating gender-based violence. In particular, major corporations have a wide range of unexploited opportunities to intervene and protect their capital, i.e. their employees.

It is worthwhile to invest in training, seminars and strategic measures in analogy to the Istanbul Convention, Chapter III – Prevention  – we are the experts to support You in this.

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