Femicide Observation Center Germany is an Initiative, Your backing helps us to make a difference.

We would not be as efficient without external support. Many projects involve costs that we would not be able to bear on our own. In this respect, we are extremely indebted to those who have confidence in us and believe in us and our work. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Dörte Brankow and Volkmar Wingrat for their many years of generous support. We are a network of exceptionally committed women with profound know-how. We are all united by a vision that drives us and motivates us to go beyond all norms. We fight for our vision and let ourselves be attacked. We defend our vision, we live and develop it: It is the dream of enforcing the unrestricted protection of the lives of girls and women, inseparably linked to the socially self-evident and universally anchored equality in the Federal Republic of Germany. We invest all our energy in addressing the traditional, structurally conditioned male excesses of violence, in actively counteracting information deficits, in generating broad awareness, in naming the grievances at all levels (executive, legislative and judicial) and in all areas of society (politics, religion, culture, etc.) in order to prevent right-wing extremism. In short, to push for the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, the so-called Istanbul Convention, in and for Germany. Our trustful cooperation already results in success: With the petition #saveXX and with our provocative performances, be it on the roof of the Reichstag, be it in the form of a funeral march to the Brandenburg Gate, we have created extremely much attention to German femicides, live, as well as in the media coverage, or in our various lectures. We are continuously working to build on what we have achieved. We share many fresh ideas, but also newly acquired knowledge, sometimes also our worries. We are an extremely well coordinated, stringently supporting team, which supports each other unreservedly beyond all media successes.

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