The data of the FOCG show that in Germany currently more than every second day a woman has to pay for traditional, structurally anchored, male violence with her life. This makes Germany a Hotspot of Violence Against Women in Europe. Thus, the sentence that the President of the Federal Criminal Police Office, Holger Münch, said on November 10th, 2020, on the occasion of the annual presentation of the official police crime statistics on violence against women and intimate partner violence: „It’s a continuous trend since we’ve been doing this [note: data collection], since 2015 we’ve had rising numbers every year,“ is a political Oath of Revelation. And, even the current Minister for Women’s Affairs, Giffey, who is responsible for the implementation of the Istanbul Convention, shows her lack of basic understanding of the dramatic development of increasing Violence Against Women in Germany with her unchanging, unconsequential statement „The numbers are shocking“, both in 2018, in 2019, and in 2020. After her Ministry reduced the corresponding budget of € 6.1 million „Measures to Combat Violence Against Women“ (2019) by 18% to the „Innovation Program“ in the amount of € 5 million (2020), Minister Giffey leaves it also in 2021 at this ludicrously small sum. She does this despite the fact that the total Budget at her disposal of € 10.45 billion in 2019, was raised to the „Record Mark“ € 11.8 billion for 2020, or most recently, despite Coronavirus, to the „Record Sum“ of € 12.06 billion for 2021. These funding cuts have devastating consequences: Every association, every project, every initiative that is dependent on federal funding in its efforts to combat Violence Against Women is worried about its follow-up funding – because with a monetary Shortage of 18%, it is clear to all players involved that the usual funding will no longer be enough for everyone. Thus, the committed defenders of Women’s rights become competitors, desirable synergies are sacrificed for lack of planning security, and fundamental criticism of the systematic dragging of the implementation of the Istanbul Convention by the Federal Ministry for Women is silenced out of concern for their own existence. The Femicide Observation Center Germany replaces part of the obligation arising from the Istanbul Convention (Article 11 – Data collection and research), which the Federal Government of Germany has failed to fulfill for more than 3 years. FOCG currently finances itself and its independence exclusively from limited private funds. If You value the work done by FOCG and would like to be a supporting part of this initiative, a variety of sponsorship packages have already been put together, You are free to choose. We would be delighted if You would like to link our research, educational trainings and awareness raising to your company’s sustainability goals. FOCG has been rapidly and widely alarming with evidence-based facts on violence against girls and women – now let’s start the collective awareness shift together: By upgrading Your corporate DNA in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Give Your employees, Your customers and Your business partners the opportunity to internalize the authenticity of Your Corporate Social Care and to multiply it with joy. Part of FOCG’s vision is that Your logo also shines on our landing page: „Our strong supporters in the common fight against Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence“. We are very happy to meet You soon